Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Products I Regret Buying

I have to admit, I constantly buy products because I get suckered into the glitzy packaging and the outrageous claims. Sometimes a product surprises me and lives up to the hype. But more often than not I end up with drawers full of crappy mascaras, lip sticks, hair products and more. Here is a list of my most regretted beauty purchases.

The first product I regret buying was a product that I actually did a lot of research on before I decided to make the purchase. I read many blog reviews on it and most women seemed to really like it. L'Oreal's Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base is a primer that you put on underneath your makeup. It claims to smooth out fine lines and shrink pores, allowing your makeup to look better on your skin and stay on longer. The formula is a thick mousse-like cream that felt heavy when I applied it. I'll admit it definitely made my skin feel smoother but I didn't notice any difference when I applied my makeup. And the heavy feeling never went away. All I wanted to do was wash my face! I wont be using this again!

The next product is MAC's Saint Germain lip stick. This is a cult favourite among MAC lovers but the color is too chalky for me. It is a bright matte Barbie pink color that totally washes me out. When I do attempt to wear it i always load up on lip gloss to make the color more transparent and less intense. I think this color would look great on darker skin tones. Not for me!

Next is Maybelline's The Falsies Volum' Express mascara. This mascara claims to give your lashes the appearance of wearing fake lashes. WHAT A JOKE. This was one of the worst mascara's I have ever tried. The formula itself was weird; it coated your lashes so thickly that it felt as if each single lash was wearing a sweater. The brush sucked and was too bendy that when you ran it through your lashes it felt like it would break off. My lashes did get longer but there was no volume at all. Horrible mascara. Not to mention the ugly and cheap packaging. Don't buy it!

The next product is another mascara. This time it is Benefit's Bad Gal Brown. I was shocked by how bad this mascara is because I am a HUGE fan of the original Bad Gal Lash. Bad Gal Lash is probably my favourite mascara. It lengthens, gives crazy volume and makes my lashes look full and thick in just one coat. Bad Gal Brown is a whole other story. Firstly it is not the same brush as the original, this one is about half the size; much thinner. The brown color itself was pretty but the formula was terrible. It was crazy sticky and never seemed to dry on my lashes, i could feel them sticking to my brow bone. It was just bad.

Next is Oscar Blandi's Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray. Bottom line: it didn't act like I thought a dry shampoo should. My hair didn't feel or look cleaner, or even more volumized. I get better results from Baby Powder!

Next up is Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel. I normally wear my hair wavy but I like it to have some product in it to keep the waves lasting all day and not falling flat. I found that if I only did a few spritzes my hair didn't even feel like it had any product in it, and when I did a few extra sprays, my hair was hard from the gel. I couldn't seem to come to a happy medium with this product. But, it did smell amazing. In a pinch i may use it again, but i would not repurchase.

The next product is Make Up For Ever's High Definition Blush. This is a cream blush that comes in a really wide range of stunning colors. The formula is super pigmented but it dries extremely quickly. As soon as you get it on your cheek you need to BLEND this stuff super fast other wise you will end up with a big pink polka dot on your face. I found it was just too drying for me and it didn't blend out nicely when I did work fast with it. It's a shame because the colors are so nice, but the formula sucked.

The final product I regret buying is Aquolina's Pink Sugar perfume. I would always smell it on all of my friends and loved the scent. But as soon as i put it on myself I could not handle the sweetness. It was way too overpowering, even with just one spray. I'll leave it for my friends to wear.

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